Steps to be followed and the institutions responsible for issuing licenses and permits for projects of renewable energy sources

Step 1
Kosovo Business Registration Agency (
– Business Registration

Step 2
Ministry of Environment and Spatial
– Environmental protection permit
– Water exploitation permit(if hydropower)
– Construction permit (above 20MW installed capacity)

Step 3
Permits depending on the construction location
– Kosovo Forestry Agency (if forest)
– Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (if special interest/
archeological zones)

Step 4
Ministry of Infrastructure (
– Connection to existing road infrastructure permit

Step 5
– Construction permit(below 20MW of installed capacity)
– Contract for using the land

Step 6
– Authorization for connection to Energy Distribution System
– Contract of energy purchasing from suppliers. In case of
feed in tariffs, public supplier.

Step 7
Energy Regulatory Office (
-Authorization for energy generation

Feed-in Tariffs
Feed-in Tariffs applicable for electricity produced from renewable energy sources and admitted to the Support Scheme.

Primary renwewable energy source (€/MWh)
HPPs (<10MW)   (< 10 MW) 63.3
Wind 85.00
Solar Energy j/a
Biogas and Biomass 71.3

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