Internal Audit Unit

1. The Internal Audit Unit performs independent and objective advisory activities related to the provision of reasonable assurance, aimed at adding value and improving the operation of the Ministry, which helps in fulfilling the objectives, providing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.
2. Tasks and duties of the Internal Audit Unit shall be:
2.1. Ensures adequate implementation of, and compliance with laws, rules, policies, instructions and manuals defined by the applicable legislation;
2.2. Ensures timely preparation of the strategic audit proposal-plan based on the risk assessment;
2.3. Organizes, performs and supervises all internal audit activities for the Ministry and submits the audit results, in accordance with the applicable legislation;
2.4. Prepares and submits quarterly and annual reports for all audit activities;
2.5. Prepares and implements the quality assurance program for internal and external assessment of the internal audit function;
2.6. Reports immediately to senior management and the Audit Committee, for any indicator of fraud or corruption activity, offers proposals to improve the situation and, if senior management does not take appropriate actions, notifies other competent authorities;
2.7. Cooperates, coordinates and develops objectives and activities with all institutional organizational structures.

3. The head of the Internal Audit Unit reports to the Minister, while in the administrative aspect she/he reports to the Secretary General.
4. The number of employees in the Internal Audit Unit is four (4).


Head of Audit Division: Mybera Hyseni
Tel:  038 200 215 / 98