Public Relations Division

1. The mission of the Public Relations Division is to present the policies of the Ministry of Economy through communication at the right time, so that the public is informed about the policies of the Ministry with respect to its rights and responsibilities towards the institutions, but also to express its views by communicating with decision-makers.
2. The Public Relations Division (PRD) shall have the following responsibilities:
2.1. Provides professional support to the Minister, the Ministry, the spokesperson of the Ministry, offering advice on the effectiveness of policy presentation;
2.2. Prepares, maintains and implements the communication plan based on the work plan of the Ministry, applying effective communication techniques;
2.3. Provides to the PRO-OPM the weekly calendar of communication activities of the Minister and the Ministry;
2.4. Cooperates with the spokesperson of the Ministry for the organization of press conferences and interviews;
2.5. Prepares and distributes press releases, statements, reports and other publications to the public;
2.6. Prepares, distributes and archives pictures and audio-visual materials of the main activities of the Ministry;
2.7. Participate in the process of drafting policies and legislation, through development and presentation of communication plans, communication of public meetings and online consultations with the public;
2.8. Coordinates with the PRO-OPM the development of information and awareness-raising campaigns in relation to the priority policies of the Ministry;
2.9. Reports quarterly to the PRD-OPM on the implementation of the annual communication plan;
2.10. Updates, ensures access and credibility of information on the official website of the Ministry and manages the official electronic account for public communication;
2.11. Manages the Ministry’s communication on the institution’s official account on social networks;
2.12. Assists in updating the state portal;
2.13. Receives and reviews initial requests for access to public documents and open data;
2.14. Performs all duties defined by the applicable legislation.

2. Head the Public Relations Division reports to the Secretary General.
3. The number of employees in the Public Relations Division is five (5).

Head of Division for Public Communication: Diana Gjonbalaj
Tel: +383 (38) 200215 05