Response to the Article: Citizens receive funds for efficient equipment but spend it elsewhere

Prishtina, 11.06.2024 – With the aim of accurately informing the public, referring to the news broadcast on RTV Dukagjini on 08.06.2024, and subsequently published by other portals, alleging that the funds allocated for Energy Efficiency Subsidies have not been used by citizens for the intended purpose, the Ministry of Economy (ME) issues the following:


The news report contains numerous inaccuracies regarding the process of energy efficiency subsidy measures for citizens (households) and small and medium enterprises, announced by the Ministry of Economy with the support of the European Union in Kosovo.

In the news report broadcast on 08.06.2024, it is stated that the Ministry of Economy did not respond, but in fact, to the e-mail address of the journalist of TV Dukagjini, who submitted the questions, ME responded as promised on 07.06.2024 at 05:45.

We inform you that the entire energy efficiency subsidy process has been conducted with complete transparency, without any misuse, and the citizens have benefited from this process, achieving visible results in energy savings as they have been equipped with efficient devices and paid less for such devices.

The Ministry of Economy has announced public calls for energy efficiency subsidies through conferences, meetings with citizens and business representatives, and informative campaigns in the media and on social networks.

ME has had a good cooperation with the media throughout this process, for which we are grateful, as they have consistently shown readiness to cover organized conferences, provided television space to inform citizens about the calls, and published press releases sent by the Ministry of Economy.

Moreover, ME has utilized all available means to effectively inform citizens about the public calls, including teams stationed in the “info booth” placed in front of the ME, and all official channels of the ME, the website, social networks, brochures, and other informative materials have been used.

All calls have been announced on the Ministry of Economy’s website:

Response sent to the journalist of RTV Dukagjini:

Dear Sir,

Verification Commissions have conducted field verifications of beneficiaries, including cases where documentation was incomplete or not submitted on time. So far, no case has been identified where the obligation has not been fulfilled.

Field verification has been carried out for applicants for subsidies for heating equipment and household appliances.

We inform you that the work of the Verification Commissions will continue until the process is concluded.