Deputy Minister

Mentor Arifaj

Deputy Minister



Mentor Arifaj completed his studies as a distinguished student in 2002 and received the title “Graduate Engineer” at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Prishtina, in the department of Computer Science and Telecommunications. He received the title “Master of Science” in 2008 from the same faculty and during his research he made two international publications in English.

He started his professional career as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Prishtina, and worked on various projects in local companies and international organizations in Kosovo. In 2009 he continued his professional career in various Canadian and American companies in Canada.

In 2020 he returned to Kosovo and was the chairman of the interim Board of Directors at the Post of Kosovo. He is currently engaged as a teaching assistant at “Kadri Zeka” University in Gjilan.

In addition to Albanian, he is fluent in English, while also speaks French and Serbo-Croatian.




Ksenija Bozovic

Deputy Minister


Mrs. Ksenija Bozovic, Deputy Minister of Economy, was born and lives in Mitrovica. She graduated in the Faculty of Economy in Prishtina. She has Master’s Degree in Economy, and has many years of experience in Economy and Economic Policy.
She worked for two mandates at the Municipal Assembly of Mitrovica North, in one mandate as a Chairperson of the Municipal Assembly, while in the other as Council Member.
She also has experience in supporting Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations.
She is married, mother of two children and grandmother of two nieces.