The Republic of Kosovo becomes part of the European Geological Map

rishtina, 06.04.2024 – The Ministry of Economy, namely the Geological Service of Kosovo, after intensive work done with the European Geological Service (EuroGeoSurveys – EGS), succeeded in convincing relevant stakeholders within this organization that the Republic of Kosovo should be treated the same as all other regional countries, i.e., to be reflected as a separate entity on the European Geological Map.

This success has been achieved, and now our country under the name Kosovo will be represented with its full administrative boundaries without a footnote, as a separate territory, within the European Geological Map.

The European Geological Service (EuroGeoSurveys – EGS) is an organization which currently has about 37 member states and its aim is to provide geological maps and other relevant data for decision-making processes within European institutions through mutual cooperation. Meanwhile, the European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI) within EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) is the platform/database that provides access to pan-European geological data. EGDI is a central and highly important database for the functioning and cooperation among all members within the European Geological Serv8ce.