Ministry of Economy and Municipality of Gjilan sign the Smart City Project Implementation Agreement

Prishtina, 21.05.2024 – The Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli, and the Mayor of the Municipality of Gjilan, Alban Hyseni, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of the “Piloting the Concept of Smart City (Neutral Host)” Project in the Municipality of Gjilan.

“Piloting the Concept of Smart City (Neutral Host)” Project will be co-financed by the Ministry of Economy and the Municipality of Gjilan, with a total financial value of 550,000.00 euros.

Minister Rizvanolli emphasized that by adopting new technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT), we are enabling various solutions for the efficient use of electricity, digital systems for traffic management, waste management, and the provision of municipal digital services.

“The success of this project will serve as a model for other municipalities in Kosovo, to provide smart solutions for their citizens through advanced technologies”, stated Rizvanolli.

The Smart City Project allows the municipality to better manage resources and provide improved services, based on data collected from various sensors and the conclusions derived from their interpretation.

The Smart City technology is an easy and quick way for municipalities to provide sustainable and necessary services to effectively monitor urban as well as rural development.

Additionally, existing technologies with expanded capabilities ensure an intelligent infrastructure for sensor management and control, which allows cities to collect and analyze data from many connected devices efficiently, enabling authorities to make appropriate decisions about the services they need to provide.