Albanian Power Exchange (ALPEX) Full Member of Europex

Prishtina, 09.04.2024 – Since 3 April 2024, the Albanian Power Exchange (ALPEX) has obtained the status of a full member of Europex, upgrading from the status of an associate member it held since January 2022.

This membership marks a significant step for the company and the energy market in general, granting ALPEX easier access to the European market.

ALPEX, as a joint venture between the transmission system operator (TSO) in Albania and the one of Kosovo (KOSTT), has been admitted as a full member of Europex, with voting rights and the right to be elected to Europex’s governing bodies.

Europex (Association of European Energy Exchanges) is the most important association of electricity exchange platforms representing the interests of electricity, gas, and emissions markets, focused on developing European regulatory frameworks for the electricity market, thus serving as a discussion platform at the European level.

The main activities of Europex members include the operation of wholesale electricity, gas, and emission markets on both short-term and long-term timeframes.

Today, all Electricity Exchanges of EU member states are members of Europex, as well as the majority of Electricity Exchanges from non-EU member countries.

Europex has 33 member exchanges, including all electricity exchanges from EU member states.