Advisers of the Minister

Anyla Beqa

Senior Political Advisor / Chief of Staff of the Minister

Anyla Beqa completed her Master’s degree studies in International Economics and Finance at Johns Hopkins University in Washington. Anyla completed her Bachelor degree studies at RIT Kosovo in 2015 in Economic Statistics and Public Policy.

While in Washington she also worked at the World Bank, IBRD, Department of Energy and Extraction. She has worked in the energy sector for several years, most recently as coordinator of the EU-funded project “Sustainable Energy Policies in South-East Europe”.

In addition to her contribution to project management, as an energy expert, she has consistently focused on energy modelling and data analysis and projections for the energy sector in Kosovo.

Anyla has volunteered from a young age, most recently serving as President of the Youth Council of the United States Embassy in Kosovo

Edita Pozhegu

Political Advisor to the Minister

Edita Pozhegu attended university studies at the Sciences Po University in Dijon, France and then continued at RIT Kosovo in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Edita has started working in public relations and media at the Student Association “Broad Perspective Project” in France and Georgia, focusing on the influence of the media in national conflicts.

After returning to Kosovo, she has over 5 years of experience as a public relations specialist in several organizations and institutes in Kosovo, including the ATOMI Institute, IPKO Foundation, the Kosovo Committee of MENSA International and Open Data Kosovo.

In addition to Albanian, she also speaks English, French, Italian and Turkish.

Milot Kelmendi

External Political Advisor

Milot Kelmendi completed his studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Prishtina.

He has more than 18 years of work experience in the energy sector in Kosovo and foreign countries. His work is mainly focused on managing energy distribution companies, developing strategies to reduce ATC&C losses, protect revenue, improve DisCO operations, commercial performance, billing processes, etc.

Milot is an Advisor to the Commercial Management of the “Power Africa Initiative” project of Manitoba Hydro International and USAID in Nigeria, Africa. Prior to that he worked as a consultant at Tetra Tech; as Regional Operations Manager at KEDS; as Performance Manager and Operations Monitoring Expert at KEK, etc.

Fjolla Fazliu

Political Advisor to the Minister

Fjolla Fazliu completed her university studies in the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, majoring in Electrical Engineering, in 2018.

In 2019, she continued her studies for two years in the field of Renewable Energy Resources Technologies in Iowa, USA, as a fellow under the Women in Energy Program by the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

During her studies in Iowa, she worked as a researcher at the Dean’s office and completed training in residential energy auditing & energy conservation foundations.

In addition to Albanian, she is fluent in English and German.

Besart Jashari

Political Advisor to the Minister