Inauguration of Energy Efficiency Measures at Child Psychiatry and Intensive Psychiatry Facilities

Prishtina, 14.05.2024 – The renovated facilities of Child Psychiatry and Intensive Psychiatry at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo have been inaugurated, a project implemented by the Ministry of Economy through the Kosovo Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Project funded by the World Bank through IDA loan.


The inauguration ceremony was attended by Minister of Economy Artane Rizvanolli, Minister of Health Arben Vitia, World Bank Country Manager for Kosovo Massimiliano Paolucci, Director of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo Osman Hajdari, Director of the University Clinical Hospital Service Elvir Azizi, and Director of Child Psychiatry Clinic Faton Kutllovci.


Minister of Economy Artane Rizvanolli stated that upon the completion of the renovation investment in the Child Psychiatry and Intensive Psychiatry building, we are marking 90 renovated public buildings, including hospital facilities, universities, social centers, and employment offices.


“When we invest in and renovate public buildings, we always have two goals. To make our public buildings as efficient as possible, in order to save energy as much as possible, and to increase comfort for all staff and citizens who utilize these spaces. The latter is particularly important for us when we invest in hospital facilities, and even more crucial in cases like today, when dealing with facilities dedicated to the treatment of children, and the most vulnerable categories”, stated Rizvanolli.


Additionally, Minister Rizvanolli declared that now energy will be saved by 50% in both buildings, which means a saving of 8,627 euros annually in energy bills.


Minister of Health Arben Vitia thanked Minister Rizvanolli for this significant investment, emphasizing that from now on, this clinic will not only offer outpatient services, as hospitalization for children and adolescents is now possible, always with standardized indications and protocols.


World Bank Country Manager for Kosovo Massimiliano Paolucci highlighted that the implementation of energy efficiency measures in hospitals is extremely important as it reduces energy consumption and through these measures, conditions for patients and medical staff will improve. These measures also demonstrate progress in improving Kosovo’s healthcare system.


An investment of 160,000.00 euros has been made in the Child Psychiatry facility, while 110,000.00 euros have been invested in the Intensive Psychiatry facility, including the renovation of insulation, replacement of PVC windows and doors with aluminum windows, renovation and insulation of the roof, and renovation of lighting and heating system.