Support for Investments in Railways and Water Supply Companies Continues

Prishtina, 19 May 2023 – The Interministerial Committee for Publicly-Owned Enterprises, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Getoar Mjeku, has allocated over 1.8 million euros for capital projects.

“Infrakos” and “Trainkos” Enterprises will benefit 844 thousand euros for the repair of rolling stock, improvement of railway safety, purchase of machinery, and advancement of monitoring systems.

The Regional Water Supply Company “Prishtina” shall be supported with 440 thousand euros for the rehabilitation and construction of water supply and sanitation networks in Kishnica, Municipality in Gracanica, as well as in 10 villages in Shtime and in Bellopoja, Lluga, and Orllan in Podujevo.

The Committee has allocated 200 thousand euros to the “Hidromorava” Enterprise for the water supply project in the village of Karaçeva and the network in the villages of Muçivercë, Roganë, Hodonoc, Dajkoc, Novosellë, and Hogosht in Kamenica.

The Water Supply Company “Hidrodrini” Peja will receive 120 thousand euros to replace filters in the drinking water factory in Klina.

Meanwhile, the Water Supply Company “Hidroregjioni Jugor” Prizren shall be supported with 170 thousand euros for two water supply projects – in the Kurrila neighborhood and the village of Gërnçarë in Prizren.

During this year, over 2.2 million euros in subsidies have been allocated to the “Trepça” enterprise, the District Heating Plant in Gjakova, as well as the water supply system in the villages of Zveçan and Mitrovica.

A grant agreement of 11 million euros has been signed for the wastewater treatment plant in Gjilan. “Trepça” will be supported with a 20-million-euro loan for capital investments in flotation mines, while additional support is planned for projects and enterprises serving the citizens.