Chief of Cabinet, Anyla Beqa, Participated in the Seminar on Green Energy Transition for the Western Balkans

Prishtina, 18 May 2023 – A seminar was held in Prishtina as part of the International Project for Green Energy Transition in the Western Balkans – Project RePower Western Balkans. The event was attended by the Chief of Cabinet at the Ministry of Economy, Anyla Beqa, Luan Shllaku, representative of RIINVEST, and renowned forestry expert Prof. Dr. Gazmend Pula from the University of Prishtina, and National Expert for Kosovo of RePower Western Balkans, Alban Hashani from the Riinvest Institute, Besiana Qorraj from the Energy Department of the Ministry of Economy, and others.

In front of the attendees, Beqa outlined the challenges Kosovo is facing in the energy sector as a consequence of the conflict in Ukraine and also as a result of outdated thermal power plants, high energy intensity, and low efficiency.

She further added that we find ourselves in a time when the entire energy sector is undergoing reform. Hence, the decisions being made now must ensure supply security for the future. Moreover, we must dedicate ourselves to ensuring that short-term solutions do not jeopardize our aim towards decarbonization.

The Chief of Cabinet at the Ministry of Economy, Anyla Beqa, emphasized that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo is committed to the development of the energy sector as one of the highest-priority sectors. This commitment has been substantiated through the Energy Strategy 2022-2031, which establishes the orientation of the energy sector for a 10-year period, thereby enabling further advancement of this sector towards energy transition in accordance with the Sofia Agreement and the Green Energy Plan for the Western Balkans.