A Secondary Seismic Station to be Built in Drenas

Drenas, 06.06.2024 – The Deputy Minister of Economy, Getoar Mjeku, and the Deputy Mayor of Drenas, Arben Shala, have signed an agreement for the Construction of a Secondary Seismic Station.

The agreement includes the long-term utilization of municipal immovable property for the implementation of the project “Construction of a Secondary Seismic Station”, which will be built in the cadastral area of the village of Kishnareka in Drenas.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister Mjeku emphasized that the Ministry of Economy, specifically the Geological Service of Kosovo, has the legal responsibility for the development, monitoring, and reporting of seismic events. This information is crucial for the safety of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

He also noted that from its inception to date, in addition to the monitoring and reporting center at the Geological Service of Kosovo, the Kosovo Seismic Network has built six secondary seismic stations in Pristina, Prizren, Peja, Gjilan, Mitrovica, and Rahovec, while this will be the seventh station, which will contribute to the collection and accuracy of relevant information for the analytical aspects of the seismic network of the Republic of Kosovo.